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* What are the advantages of Fast Dialer over the other dialers on the market, especially Dialer One?

  1. Search in two languages alphabets at the same time. If you have contacts written in, for example, both Latin and Cyrillic letters, this comes quite handy, not to say essential.
  2. Fast Dialer is fast 🙂 Faster than Dialer One and Super Dial.
  3. It runs on Android v. 1.5 and above. In order to use Dialer One, you need at least Android 2.1
  4. Fast Dialer searches using an extended set of Latin characters, covering all Latin-based European languages, regardless of what language settings you have. So, you don’t need to switch languages in order to search for ‘Mika Häkkinen’, ‘Štefan Füle’ or ‘Eivør Pálsdóttir’

* Could you add feature X to the Fast Dialer?
Maybe. Propose and if the idea is good, and there is enough interest – why not. You can leave a comment here, or to the original thread at XDA-developers.

* Why isn’t Fast Dialer available on the Android Market?
Because Google is very restrictive towards merchants’ location, only developers from several countries can offer their apps on the Google Market. Google allows me, however, to offer my apps for free on their market, provided that I pay a fee to do that (?!)

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