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Version 2.0

  1. Ordering of contacts / results is selectable. The default is by the time of last call.
  2. Display time of last call for all contacts.
  3. Mark the starred contacts
  4. Wildcard search mode
  5. Search through all numbers
  6. Translation in Polish

Version 1.9.95

  1. Custom color chooser for small screen devices

Version 1.9.94

  1. Fix for the missing vibrations (problem was occuring on some phones only)

Version 1.9.93 – no changes, made for people who had problems with the .92 update
Version 1.9.92

  1. Fix for the layout bug when the default soft app was shown (problem was occuring on some phones only)

Version 1.9.91

  1. Added missing chars for several latin-based languages: Polish, Icelandic, Croatian, Turkish, Maltese and Danish/Norwegian
  2. Minor layout fix – alignment of the number 1 (without voice dialing)

Version 1.9.90

  1. Added optional haptic feedback (on some devices it was missed)

Version 1.9.89

  1. Bug-fixes
  2. Search enhancements

Version 1.9.88

  1. Translation in Hebrew (thanks to netmag)
  2. Error reporter

Version 1.9.87

  1. Fixed a bug minor layout problem introduced in 1.9.86

Version 1.9.86

  1. Fix for the “dialpad ruined” (happened rarely, I guess only few people ever saw this, but it’s fixed now)
  2. Other minor fixes
  3. Corrected Greek layout
  4. Auto hide dialpad when scrolling
  5. Search for numbers in the names (this was simply forgotten…)

Version 1.9.85

  1. Selectable match highlight color
  2. Translation in Russian (thanks to new_bember)
  3. Translation in Greek (thanks to dancer_69)
  4. Minor bug-fixes

Version 1.9.84

  1. Refactoring of the tone generation, fixed reported incompatibilities.

Version 1.9.83

  1. Fix for the ‘call log not opening’ issue
  2. Nicer visual display of the Arabic letters
  3. Turned off ‘number only’ search mode, now *, # and + can be used (and found by Fast Dialer) in the contacts’ names, like any normal character
  4. Long press on the delete button when the entry field is empty folds down the dialpad, click on the entry field when the dialpad is folded, restores it.
  5. The title bar is removed

UPDATE 8: bug-fixes
UPDATE 7: (still BETA) configurable accounts in use (via context menu -> sources) only contacts with phone numbers are listed
UPDATE 6: fix for USSD dialing
UPDATE 5: display contacts’ company names, support for Ukrainian
UPDATE 4: support for Arabic
UPDATE 3: version for Android 1.5
UPDATE 2: performance fixes – the app now runs faster
UPDATE 1: fixed compatibility issue, one build for all supported versions

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