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Fast Dialer

September 15, 2010

Latest version: 2.0

A multi-language Dialer for Android 1.5 + devices.

Find and dial the contact you want in just a few clicks, regardless of which Alphabet the name is written with – Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic…

The app searches through the contacts by name or number, using two different alphabets at the same time, for example English and Russian.

All Latin-based European languages are supported by default.

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Available Alphabets:

  • Greek,
  • Cyrillic – Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian…
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic

Trial version can also be found at


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  1. regds permalink

    why not 1.5 ?

  2. Yurc permalink

    Best dialer for xperia x10 mini 🙂

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